Monday, March 28, 2011

Ground orchids are a staple in my garden

I just love my ground orchids, and have three different colours. this is the most common one
 Then the white one is less common, and I love the way it brightens up the area right under the base of the tree.  They grow mostly in the leaf litter, and are so easy to subdivide when they get bushy - you just gently pull apart one of the tiny bulbs and re-locate it into another area.  I am so lucky to have these as staples in my garden.
 Then further up right where the new path turns towards the fence is the other colour - a much deeper purple - they have not flowered for a while since I was laying the path and moved them a bit.  . Lots of new little shoots starting up though, so I don't think it will be long until they flower as well.  They are in fairly deep shade on the other side of the tree in this photo. I see some on the Florida gardeners blogs which have a few different colours - I will have to look out and see if they are available here in Australia.
 You can also see how we now have the stony access path around the corner to the back - I couldn't get the exact same stone, but think it blends in OK. I seem to be nipping around to check on the veggie plot a  lot lately.  In my dreams the whole garden is overflowing with bountiful produce and I am always surprised when I turn the corner and find spindly seedlings.  I have great faith in my veggie garden this year though.
 Yes that is right - you saw a hammock, and my little grandson climbed right inside.  Not sure if it is going to stay in that area, or what  we will suspend it on.  Here it is attached to the tree on one side and fence post on the other.  The fence post is not strong enough to support an adult, so maybe it will just be a play swing for the grand kids.

I am just loving the back garden at the moment - so nice that the flooding rains have stopped, and because of all the shade it is really pleasant working out there.


  1. LOVELY ground orchids! mine aren't certain yet about their new environment and are struggling. I hope it improves!

  2. I love your ground orchids, especially the white one. I have not seen any white one here in Florida. I fell in love ground orchids since I bought two last year, now I have five colors, and the original two has been divided into several more clumps.

  3. Kimberley, Oh I think as summer rolls around yours will settle in and start to spread.
    I seem to remember that you had one with pinks and yellows. The white one is quite rare here too, I have had a lot of visitors who have wanted some of that. It is great in a shady spot... so I am really happy with them.

  4. Your garden is looking amazing and it's all so neat! I'm afraid you've succeeded in making me very envious of your gorgeous ground orchids. I planted two pink ones last year. They have grown well, but not flowered :(

    I'd also never seen the white prior to today (here, on your blog!)

    Your new gravel pathway looks really good and it was very sensible to lay pavers along the length, as walking barefoot on gravel is a no-no! Believe me, I've tried!

    I have every faith in the success you'll have with your veggie garden this year. If you can't do it, then I'm jolly sure no one else would have been able to either!


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