Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are there too many plants in my small garden?

I was sitting on the swing this weekend with my hubby sharing our morning cuppa and revelling in the fact that there has been no rain for two days.  "I think this area is geting too full - That big heleconia has to go"

"What?  I feeling like I live in a forest, dont change anything..." 

A lot of our conversations go like that..... - a gardener knows things do well after a big cut back, but maybe nongardeners dont have that confidence. .but this area has got a bit overgrown and when I bought that big plant I really wasnt thinking how small our garden is..... so I thought I would take a little wander down the back garden path. 
 and saw.....a bud.  a beautiful big red bud!

Quickly I ran in to get the camera. "You know that plant I was going to rip out? well its flowering. My hubby just smiled - he knows that once a plant flowers it has wedged a plance in my heart (and my garden) forever.

Right in the back corner I have another sexy pink lady that was going over the neighbours fence, so I yanked it over more into ours, but it is quite high up.  as the flowers open up it drops down lower in a zig zag fashion.

so I guess I will be wandering down that overgown back path with camera in hand a little more often....


  1. As long as you can get through the back path....

  2. Gorgeous! I don't think you can ever have too many plants ;) Your garden is wonderful...enviably so to many of us out here!!

    Just keep the growth that overhangs the path manageably trimmed back, so you can always get there to enjoy your own little Eden! If I were you, I wouldn't change a thing about it! As I said, I'd love a garden as pretty and exciting as yours!

  3. Oh, I love finding surprises like that! If it flowers unexpectedly, it always earns a place in my heart too! I love an overstuffed garden (as long as you can still maneuver in it, like Nell said).

  4. NellJean,
    Funny, my grandson had such a great time yesterday afternoon wandering into the "forest" with his granddad! I do try to make sure non gardeners feel comfortable wandering around my garden, but think there will always be "scary" sections.
    I sometimes get caught up in the idea that I want to grow every plant I find... well the heleconia is right at the edge, so really it should go.
    I think I am always going to have to push my way into this back section..not for the fainthearted.

  5. Stunning photos . . . I agree that you can never have too many plants in your garden!


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