Tuesday, January 18, 2011

yellow butterfly

There was this little yellow butterfly flitting around - too fast to get great photos, but I did like the way it looks next to the purple geisha girls flowers...

Not a very inspiring post, but with this constant heat and humidity it is all I can manage for now.....


  1. Those contrasting colors make the photo pop! :) Beautiful!

  2. That is a very common sight in my garden! Cloudless Giant Sulphur on dewdrops: the purple and yellow are so beautiful together.

  3. Lovely pictures. Butterlies are just so pretty even if those pesky caterpillars can cause some problems. My geisha girl is full of flowers at the moment too. I don't envy you the humidity, it is really draining.

  4. Great photos. You did really well. they hardly stay still for a second.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Yellow and purple colours are my favourites :-D

  6. I know what you're going through in terms of the heat. We're experiencing similar conditions here, although not your levels of humidity, which really does make it a lot worse! I keep reminding myself that I need to enjoy the heat anyway, because once winter arrives, I'm going to miss these hot days ;)

    I absolutely love butterflies. Your little yellow visitor knew just which flowers would enhance its beauty. Also love the deep colour of geisha girl (I have one which I'm training to be a standard and another growing in our pavement garden).

  7. I'm very familiar with these sweet little sulfur butterflies. I especially love the contrasting colors of yellow and purple...very pretty!


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