Sunday, January 9, 2011

sunbird nest

Joy of joys! When I left a sunbird had been building a nest from the hanging pot outside our bedroom window.  I wasnt too excited as I had heard they often build decoy nests. as they had last year see sunbird nest.
Upon returning from my holiday though I discovered we have little babies:  (I think 3, but one seems more adventuresome)

 Look how it is just hanging by a thread!  Isnt nature awesome?


  1. That is an awesome sight indeed. It must be a very strong thread to be able to support momma bird and the babies. And the nest is so close to your window too.

  2. They are wonderful little birds. You are so lucky.

  3. Oh how wonderful ... what a treat to have this just outside your bedroom! These little birds build such an amazing structure ... and, as you say, it literally seems to be hanging by a thread.

    We had one hanging outside our kitchen window a couple of years ago ... but the eggs were eaten by something one day. The Sunbirds have never built there again!

  4. Absolutely wonderful! I always regard it as an honour and a blessing when birds choose to build anywhere near the house. Your sunbirds have certainly blessed you!!!

  5. Oh I have never seen such a thing before.... how lovely to have that so close.

  6. Solitude rising,
    The whole thing just looks as if it could fall apart at any moment!
    They have got quite friendly and dont move from the birdbath when I am out gardening. Now building the nest for their babies is the final stamp of approval I think!
    Maybe this was a good choice as I dont think any predators could reach it here.
    I do feel blessed, and quite protective of my new little family!
    It is truly awesome to be able to witness this miracle.

  7. That's awesome. It does look like it might fall apart anytime though. But I am quite sure, this little one will learn to fly in no time.

  8. One,
    I hope I catch that on film!

  9. That is too cool. Glad to see you back in the tropics after your Christmas holiday!


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