Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overgrown garden

I have already done lots of weeding, but there is still more to do. at this time of year everything grows so fast.  Its a jungle out there....
Lots of variety at the base of the tree now that the bromeliads have been moved.  I like it.

Just a few little lipstick flowers, but it is growing like mad - I will have to lift the pot up soon.
The crotons are hidden behind the coleus.  the coleus seems to need cutting back at least once a week.
The path to the beehive gingers is staying nice clear though
easy to go through and harvest passionfruit by the bucketful.   Passionfruit nectar and iced water is my drink of choice at the moment - very refreshing in this hot weather.

I like how this leaf is red on the underside - and they are all curling together for some reason.
After the cyclone there were lots of fallen leaves and I have heard that they can pull nitrogen from the soil, but I have a nice thick layer of mulch under them so think we will be fine just leaving them be....

My thoughts and prayers go out to all my fellow Queenslanders affected by the floods. 


  1. Heartening to see you're unaffected by the flood.

    You have so many lovely tropical & sub-tropical plants in your garden!

    You're so lucky your passionfruit is already ripe. We have plenty of green fruit, but none yet showing signs of ripening. I also LOVE fresh passionfruit! Nothing to beat it!

  2. At least we can be happy with the health level of the habitat... thriving indeed, even though we to double the effort on weeding...

  3. Your garden is so lush and beautiful and tropical. Makes me smile.

  4. Glad to know that you were not affected by the flood. Your garden looks so beautiful right now! My garden is a little slow for now, but I am enjoying the cool weather, nice break from the summer heat :)

  5. Desiree,
    Luckily I always have a surplus of passionfruit to give to friends - too far away though to give you some!
    I must say that laying down that mulch really helped in keeping the weeds down.
    Your comment made me smile too!
    well you know what the summers are like - at least all this overgrowth gives us a bit of shade.

  6. Those little pink flowers peeking out from the foliage are a delight. Of course anything with color takes my eye these days.

  7. It looks like a botanical garden!

  8. Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.comMon Jan 17, 09:20:00 AM

    Hi, Gillian, Returning the visit. Your garden looks abundant, and very glad to hear you are not being affected by the flooding. Kathryn xoxo

  9. Meredehuit,
    I just enjoyed cooling down looking at all your snow!
    a very untended botanitcal garden... I MUST get out and do some tidying up this weekend :)
    well lets just say that lack of space doesnt stop me crammigng in as many plants as I can!


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