Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot and spicy

The weather is hot and spicy and so hot and spicy  is what is growing at this time of year. The birds eye chili are prolific - very hot - they say the smaller the chili the hotter it is and these are tiny.  These bushes pop up all over the place - one has climbed tree next to my office at work - it is about 20ft high!   The birds love them - they must not have taste buds like we do!
 This is a close up of fresh juicy ginger bursting through the wet soil.  You might remember when I was getting this ready to plant.... planting ginger   
 Now I have a huge bed of it - gone are the days of buying ginger from the supermarket.  I do like growing things that are difficult or very expensive to buy from the store.  They say that eating spicy foods cools you down, and right now I can make nice spicy laksa with all the ingredients (except for the prawns) straight out of my garden. 
 Then of course I also do like growing plants that looking at them make me think of coolness.  This white caladium is the closest to snow I am going to get .
I hope you have the correct balance of hot and spicy and coolness in your life right now.


  1. I am surprised to hear that you like spicy food. Your bird eyes chillies are looking super hot! I am sure your laksa is going to be really 'cool' he he... happy cooking and feasting. Btw, I love food cooked with ginger ;-)

  2. I wish my ginger can grow like yours here in Adelaide. Wow thats my favourite chili variety. Your laksa is going to ROCK with all those fresh ingredient. If you like too, please join us for "Seed Week" and share your experience with us. Hope you have a nice day on Australia Day.

  3. What an enchanting post! Juxtaposing hot and spicy with coolness! I love fresh ginger but have not tried growing it. I'm thinking perhaps I should! Yours plants look so healthy. I am growing a chilli plant (not bird's eye!). Wish I could taste your laksa - it sounds as though it's going to be a magical dish made with love (homegrown ingredients...what more could anyone wish for...YUM!)

    Hope you had a Happy Australia Day :)

  4. I think those hot peppers also can be used as ornamental plants even you don't eat them. Hmm, I never tried to plant the ginger roots from supermarket. I use ginger a lot in the Chinese cooking. Does this ginger plant have pretty flowers as well?

  5. That is one big chilli plant. I never knew they grew that big. Your ginger is so healthy too. I love the way things grow in the Wet Tropics.

  6. Passeando pelos blogs, fiquei feliz ao encontrar o seu, pois possui plantas muito bonitas e interessantes! Moro num país tropical e nossas plantas algumas são iguais ou parecidas... Ainda não conhecia o pé de gengibre e achei o máximo! Também fiquei encantada com a borboleta azul!
    Um grande abraço carioca.

  7. Now that's a Pepper plant on steriods. Your batch of homemade seaweed mix must be extra potent this year. Do you eat the peppers from this plant or are they just for the birds?

  8. Stephanie,
    I like most food! the varied the better! Yes I love ginger.
    Malay -Kadazan,
    thanks for the invitation. Ginger loves this hot and humid weather.
    It is worth a try to grow ginger - make sure it gets lots of water. Yes thanks, Australia day was fun - lots of gardening!
    Ami, no this ginger does not flower. Try to get the root from a farmers market for best success.
    It is a bit of a weed here, as are lots of other things. gardening in the tropics seems to be cutting back and pulling out rather than planting....
    Ma Zelia,
    Cool! a comment that I had to translate from portugese! (thank heavens for the online translate page!) I look forward to seeing what you are growing. We sailed in Rio de Janiero harbour thirty years ago! It is the most beautiful harbour in the world! welcome to my blog.
    Heat and humidity must equate to steroids! We eat a few but one or peppers will heat up a whole curry, so there is plenty for the birds.


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