Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guest - my moms garden

I am home again at last, but while I was away there was a cyclone just south of us and it dumped a  lot of rain and wind.  My garden is going to have to have some work done on it before it can face the camera again. 
So in the meantime enjoy some photos of my moms garden.....

I will have to research to see if I could grow some of these alstromeria.....I love how they look combined with the pink splash.

Unfortunately my suitcase was not big enough to bring back some of these iron birds.

every day there are breadcrumbs for the birds

this one seems to be saying - "hello there Mr Dove".


  1. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your SA family! Love the birds visiting your Mom's garden, particularly the little orange chap. I haven't seen any of those down our way.

    Looks like your Mom has "the green thumb" too. Her flowers are lovely!

    Hope you get your garden back in "photographic order," soon - can't wait to see what you'll have to show us, as it must be a veritable jungle after all the rain.

    WISH WE COULD HAVE SOME HERE!!! It's only 9am, and the temperature is already 30 degrees C.

  2. What beautiful, colorful birds your Mom's garden has! I like the sculpted ones as well. I've tried growing alstroemeria for years and years. Resources say it is almost a noxious weed in Florida, but that's a lot of bull. My two little plants barely hang on to life. They somehow miraculously spring forth from the ground in winter and sometimes even bloom, just for two or three months. The blistering heat, the humidity, the rain (?) I don't know, something about summer makes them go completely dormant. Every year, I expect them to be lost forever, but somehow they return again.

  3. The flowers and birds are beautiful. Why is that you get all the colorful birds? The ones here are dull in color except for the king fisher.

  4. Now we see where your love of gardening comes from. Beautiful birds.
    Welcome back and all the best for the new year.

    As you've said we had some shocking weather while you were away. Hope your garden wasn't damaged too much.

  5. your mother has a lovely garden and visitors. But there is no gallah in the photo. I wonder what' the name of that foliage in the second photo, with lots of pink dots. I love to have it.

  6. Hi Desiree,
    and welcome, I just got lost for quite a time looking at the lovely photos on your blog. I am hoping for a dry weekend so that I can get out there and do some weeding - my garden is a mess! I never realised that the western cape got so hot, hope you get some cooling rain soon.
    that is interesting about the alstromeria. Is it serendipitous that waiting for me was a gardening catalogue with these miniature alstromeria?
    I think once you start looking you will see some pretty birds.
    all the best to you too. Not much damage, just very sodden ground.
    that plant is commonly called pink splash and is often sold as a houseplant. Also known as Hypoestes phyllostacha.


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