Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guest - my brothers food forest

One thing that I am always trying to grow is gemsquash, and here they are, but in my brothers garden - not mine (yet). They are just as delicious as I remembered.

we enjoyed the elephant garlic that is planted amongst the strawberries.  The strawberries are not quite ready yet.

the butternut is almost ready

these almonds are so easy to eat - they pop open when ready

I can see some apple crumble in their future

Even pommegranates! 

Great job you are doing in your garden dear brother and I really enjoyed all the yummy food you cooked for me!


  1. Your brother's garden looks like Paradise reclaimed! Jealous, jealous, jealous...!

  2. Looks like green thumbs grow in your family. The almonds are really cool.

  3. Such a variety. I've never seen almonds on the tree like that before.

  4. Desiree,
    It is a lovely place to visit, and every time it seems to get better and better. I too am jealous of the space he has. :)
    Susan, and Missy
    I think they are different to normal almonds - he called them soft shelled, and they were so easy to peel and eat right there. Very tasty.

  5. No they are normal almonds, they are just the papershell variety. The shell is like paper so much easier to open up. They were not really ripe yet as they need todry out properly before eating. Gill got a "green" one.
    You should see the rest of the garlic we harvested, a full 2L ice cream bucket some as big as plums.

  6. Nice looking gemmie, Your garden is beautifull, hope the rain stops soon and let's the sun shine a bit. Happy New Year to you.

  7. Rina,
    no this is my brothers garden - I continually try to grow gemsquash but no luck so far. We have been lucky with the rain this time - just thinking of all the poor people south of us.


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