Friday, January 21, 2011

Geisha girl is great for attracting butterflies

Everytime it stops raining and the sun comes out, so do the butterflies!  The bright sunlight is a bit rare these days so the colour is a bit off, but I wanted you to see the little dangly bits hanging from the lower wings.  arent they cute?

 Butterflies love the geisha girl flowers, and this time there was a ulysses butterfly that I thought I might be able to capture on film.

 It is very hard to get them to sit still long enough to catch them, and maybe the essence is the flitting bits of irridescent blue that you catch darting from flower to flower.  I think you have to be there to see it, but I will continue to dash out with a camera everytime there are butterflies in the garden.....

 Here I caught one just closing the top section of his wings.
I also got lots of shots of flowers - where the butterfly had just been :)


  1. Spectacular! Great shots and such an amazingly beautiful butterfly!

  2. Glad you found me, which means I have also found you! Love the quotes on your sidebar, especially Thoreau's on happiness and Palmer's!!

  3. Oh, those butterflies are so beautiful! I don't see this kind in my area. hmmm, wonder why that flower is called geisha girl? Does it have white face?

  4. Great shots! I haven't seen one like that in my garden. Like you, I too dash out with my camera when I spot butterflies. Some are cooperative after some negotiation. But most probably don't understand English. Does google translator come with butterfly language?

    Btw, I love your geisha. I'm looking out for purple to add in my garden. I really have too many reds and yellows.

  5. What magnificent butterflies! We don't get blue ones in our garden at all!

    Your pictures are great. It's not easy, as you say, to photograph them as they're always flitting about, so I think you did very well with these!

  6. I love seeing photos of this beautiful butterfly! How lucky to have such a visitor in your garden! I agree....Duranta is the hands-down, number-one butterfly attractor in my garden. Great plant!

  7. The ulysses is just the most magnificent of butterflies but they are so flighty. You've done well to capture those shots. They are great.

  8. That's really a cool looking butterfly. I have never seen a electric blue one before. Isn't nature amazing.

  9. that is a wonderful post with great photos of that butterfly and plants! thanks for the visit the other day...I hope to get time to get back here and read more of your past posts soon!

  10. Kimberley,
    You can just imagine how beautiful they are as they flit around with flashes of blue!
    glad you enjoy them, so do I!
    not sure why - might have to do some research on that one!
    that is a great plant if you can get it - it never stops flowering and the butterflies love it.
    Hopefully I get better with practice and patience.
    I thought Duranta was the one with the blue flowers and yellow berries?
    yes you will know how fast they are!
    Every day there is something else - we just have to take the time to stop and look.
    I enjoy all your photos too - thanks for visiting.

  11. Oh I just love those butterflies, they are so beautiful. The Geisha Girl caught my eye as I have a natural soap named that lol, its yellow and white, maybe I should change it's colour to purple:)

  12. Aromatherapy,
    Maybe your colouring is more authentic - since geishas have white faces, as Ami reminded me. The ulyses butterflies always make you stop dead in your tracks and take time out to admire them - you just cant help it. :)


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