Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This and that - hot and humid

I have been very slack with posting to my blog lately - very busy getting ready for Christmas.  I discovered amazon and did some great shopping for my daughters christmas presents.  Hmmm should I monetize my blog and add an amazon banner?  I have gone ahead and added it, looks as if it is something I will be using.
Made a little gingerbread house with my three year old grandson....... I know this contains nothing that has been growing in my garden, but it is rather cute I think

Hubby took a photo of a birdwing butterfly - I was too busy cooling off in the pool,

yes it is beginning to get hot and humid. Makes you feel lazy.

Oh....... I could share some photos of the lipstick plant -I just love the way this brightens up the garden.


  1. That must be lots of fun to make that ginger bread house with your grandkid! Perfect bonding time! I am in love with your lipstick plant, so stunning. You are right it brightens the garden for sure.

  2. I wish you a very happy Christmas with your mother and brothers!
    Have been thinking of adding ads to my blogs. Would love some feedback on your Amazon link?

  3. That lipstick plant is lovely, I to have been slacking off on the blog front, but Ireland is covered in snow at the moment, so I get to stay inside and read blogs for at least the next week, yeppee

  4. What a cute gingerbread house! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I saw a lipstick plant at Wal-mart a few weeks ago and thought of you and your blog. Didn't have the money at the time, but went back another day, and it was gone!

    Love that birdwing! Y'all have the coolest butterflies down under!

  5. Ami,
    yes it was fun, especially as I used an old juice carton as the base - not much attention span at 3yo!
    It didnt do anything for the longest time, but has suddenly taken off in the last year or two. Yes I must get out and take more butterfly photos.... especially the ulysses which are a brilliant cobalt blue.
    Elephant eye,
    Thank you! I just added it and told my girls to use the link to buy stuff, but so far nothing has happened! They need to realise that any amazon credits I get will go straight back to them as gifts :)
    Stone art,
    I suppose there is one advantage to snow :) I like browsing all those snowy scenes too - in the hopes it will cool me down!

  6. Great photo of the Cairns Birdwing.
    Also I love your gingerbread cottage. Our grandchildren aren't arriving until the Thursday before Christmas. We are both looking forward to having them here. Don't grandkids make Christmas more special.
    It been really mild in Brisbane so far - not even sure if it's got over 30 yet, but I feel for you with the heat.

  7. That was a great capture of the butterfly. It's easier to shoot them when they have just emerged from their chrysalis. I remember seeing your shots earlier.

  8. Hi Missy, yes grandchilren sure do make christmas fun! We have had a dry weekend so am very grateful for that.
    I know, soemtimes I dont have the patience to sit around and take a million photos! I loved taking photos of the one that had just emerged - he seemed to be posing for the camera!


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