Saturday, November 6, 2010

praying mantis

The way this praying mantis walked along the top of the fence reminded me of the pink panther tune we used to sing as kids
 Dedum,.................. dedum,.................
 dedum, dedum dedum...

 He was after the stinkbugs like these.
I knew if I waited long enough  a natural predator would come around - he is going to be very happy, a feast is awaiting him.


  1. Those shots are very clear and look beautiful with blue sky as the background. Now, I can't get that Pink Panther music out of my mind. :)

  2. Haha, this looks like a green panther. I think he is racing with the brown bug to cross over the 'clift'. Pink panther is my favourite cartoon.

  3. What a weird and wonderful creature! Your pictures are awesome!!! Thanks!

  4. These big guys creep me out but I love looking at them....really cool bugs. Great pics!!!

  5. Thanks all, glad I had the camera ready!

  6. What a cute little fellow! Great shots, Africanaussie...hehe, perfectly timed too!


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