Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing ginger

When I purchased ginger from the local farmers market this weekend, there were lots of lovely new shoots!  I sliced them off with a little bit of flesh attached to each one and set them onto the counter to dry out a bit.
 I already have some in the garden, but reckoned I could find room for a little more.  Here is some that has already sprouted. Note the tiny one next to it that is just starting.  It does not grow very high - between 1 to 2 feet high.
It grows during our wet season so needs lots of moisture.  Last year I grew it in a very shady area and it was not that happy.  This year I am hoping for a bumper crop. 
I simply keep my ginger root in the freezer and grate as needed.  Mostly it is not necessary to peel it.


  1. That's great - I would love to be able to grow ginger. I wonder if it'd grow in Melbourne?

  2. Hi veggiegobler,
    If you find any ginger root at the market with a little bit of a knob forming it might be worth a try. I have heard they shoot better in a warm dark place, so maybe in a paper bag in a warm corner somewhere.

  3. How neat, to be able to grow ginger! Its leaves are very pretty, too. :)

  4. I am trying to grow some ginger in my garden from store bought ones. I have to wrap it in some old newspapers before it could sprout. I love their foliage but I haven't seen their flowers yet. I didn't know we can grown like this, I mean after slicing the rhizomes. I'll try this method soon.

  5. Meredith,
    I do love to grow the tropical type of plants - ginger, lemongrass, tumeric etc.
    As long as you get the cut surfaces dried out it should be fine. they do like lots of water once they have started out.

  6. I've potted lemongrass and tumeric at our backyard, but have never tried growing ginger before even though it's such an essential ingredient in most of my dishes. May attempt to grow it now that you've shared how-to. Thanks for sharing, Africanaussie!
    Appreciate your recent visit and kind comment at our garden site too....thanks!

  7. Wow! Looks so easy. Won't grow in my zone 5 garden, but do you think it would thrive in a sunny window indoors?

  8. Hi Jacqueline,
    You should be able to grow ginger. A lot of people here grow it in those polysterene boxes and then just tip it out to harvest.
    I dont know - you might try it during the summer, but make sure that it is also in a humid environment - a green house might be a better option.

  9. Hey where'd you go? :( Anyways, I've tried ginger in my garden but I think that they had growth inhibitors on them since they were from the grocery store and they failed miserably.

  10. Still here, just in slow mode. So hot and humid! already! I have only had success with the ginger that I buy from the markets. Some people here wait until they have long shoots before they plant them out, but you do need to at least have the little knobs like mine do in the above photo.


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