Monday, October 11, 2010

Sexy Pink Lady Heleconia

Way in the back corner I have a huge heleconia plant and this weekend when I wandered there cutting back dead tree branches I discovered that my sexy pink lady has a bloom! 
 This is quite a tall untidy plant and so I have it right in the corner where it can hopefully grow high outside of the leaves of the lychee tree, but still shaded by the wooden fence.   This bud is already about one foot long and will slowly unfurl into a flower reaching down for three or four feet!   I am so glad she is happy here in this little corner.  As you can see the leaves get very tattered and untidy looking, and in actual fact the flower is the end of this particular plant, but already it is shooting up new plants around the base.
Most of the heleconias are reds and oranges, but the colours on this one are quite unusual -

I love the delicate pink colour, and as it slowly unfurls like a ribbon undwinding  I will be carefully watching.  I am going to be wandering over to this little corner quite often!


  1. Very exciting! Don't you just love finding surprises like that? Can't wait to see your open bloom! (Of course, I had to google it to get a sneak peak. Wonderful specimen!)

  2. You are so lucky. When I lived at Trinity Beach I had one in the garden, but they won't flower down here in Brisbane. It the best heliconia I've seen.

  3. Floridagirl,
    It is amazing that even in my tiny garden I get surprises, glad you saw it online, now you can see why I am so excited!
    Isnt that the wonder of the internet - we all get to enjoy each others flowers that we cant grow! as well as our own!

  4. Oh, wow! What an exciting surprise. I just had to go and look up the flower I could not think what it would look like its beautiful. I would love to grow plants like that but it is too cold here so I will admire from afar. Look forward to seeing it in full bloom.

  5. Oh, lovely! I've been hunting for a Sexy Pink for ages now. I saw one in Singapore and love the way they look. Lucky you!
    Those tattered leaves are mostly because of windy conditions. If your plant is in a place which gets a lot of wind, shifting it may help. The wind does this to banana leaves too. It does make them look untidy, doesn't it?

  6. Lavinder Lady,
    when I get all hot and muggy I remind myself of all the lovely flowers I can grow that like this climate! I cool down by looking at all the snow filled scenes other bloggers post! The best of both worlds!
    I was so excited when a friend gave me this plant, and the leaves seem to go like that wherever they are, the plant doesnt seem to mind. I do wish it was more out in the open in order to be admired though - maybe wandering through a foresty walk to get to it makes it a bit more exotic!

  7. I love heliconias and I'm excited to see your Sexy Pink heliconia when the bud opens up.


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