Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Propogating by layering

The red gingers are one of the staple plants in my garden, and I got the first one from a friend who had started a new plant using the layering method.   
As the new flowers form they already have an upright habit as you see here, right on the tips of the arching branches.
Eventually the flower begins to die off and send out little shoots.  I think in nature this is designed to drop down onto the ground and form a new plant.  This one is ready to  be placed into a pot where it will send down roots and start a new red ginger plant for my neighbour.  This flower is already about two months old so the flowers are very long lasting.  Paying it forward......

I bent the branch down and then tied the branch onto the side of the pot so that the base of these new branches are just lying in the soil.  You can also anchor it with a u shaped picket, but I couldnt get one to stay put in the soil - maybe my soil was too loose and wet.  Just helping the plant along to do what it naturally wants to do - create new life!  what miracles we see every day in the garden!


  1. Hi! Glad to find someone like you who observes plants and try to understand nature. Every design must have a purpose.

  2. Thank you One, It is just awesome to witness all the wonderufl occurances that go on right under our eyes.


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