Thursday, October 14, 2010

My orchard swallowtail butterfly has emerged!

Getting ready for work this morning I glanced at the chrysalis as I always do expecting to see no change and wow! This butterfly was hanging down from the chrysalis slowly drying out its wings and as I understand it, pumping blood into them to strengthen them after being folded up inside the tiny chrysalis.
I was expecting the chrysalis to go clear and give me some warning - gosh I would have loved to see it emerge. Silly me, I woke up at 5.30 and lay in bed for half an hour, not knowing what wonders I could be witnessing.  I had almost given up on anything happening to this one.  It  has taken about 3 weeks. 
Look at the very visible veins, its poor little heart must be pumping so fast!
 the top side of the wings are quite plain with little white spots and just a little dot of red on each wing close to the body. .
Isn't it amazing that this was all folded up inside the tiny chrysalis?  Aren't the colours and patterns totally awesome?  A light dusting of tiny white flecks, and then more definite red arches. 
Isn't God awesome? 

In more detail....
Look at the little rolled up tongue :)

 Unfortunately I had to leave for work and left with strict instructions for my hubby to continue to take photos ....... I will do another post with further updates.  Just as a teaser here is one more - blue is added!

  To be continued.
 Please respect my copyright and contact me at  if you would like access to these photos.  Linking to this post is fine.


  1. Awesome! Glad to see it was the butterfly you expected, and very beautiful!

  2. Wow!!! Those are great shots! What wonderful timing. You could have extended your 30 mins to 45 or longer and probably missed this part.

  3. That is great....what a beautiful butterfly!!! Don't you hate having to run off to work when a photo opportunity is in the works?! Drives me nuts.

  4. Thanks all,
    I am sorry I missed it climbing out of the chrysalis - that would have been the icing on the cake, but I have another chrysalis waiting...

  5. Great shots!!! So fortunate you didn't miss the whole show!!! :D This butterfly is especially the colors!


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