Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just an empty nest!

I came home today - was only away for a couple of hours - to find that the chrysalis was empty.  Isn't that little thread it is hanging on amazing?

My neighbour also found an empty chrysalis and saw a black butterfly flying nearby.  You can clearly see the slit where it emerged....

they are both clear, so think the change from hard and brown to clear must be very sudden

  . I have one remaining chrysalis and am not going to let it out of my sight. 


  1. that thread is really amazing... caterpillars know exactly what to do, for later life. ~bangchik

  2. It's amazing how quickly they move from chrysalis to butterfly....great pics!

  3. You need some sort of movement sensing camera like security firms use for the last one.
    Even though you missed the "birth" maybe you'll see it flying around your garden.

  4. I hope you get to see the final one emerging. What an amazing structure you've photographed.

  5. Here one minute and gone the next.

  6. I hope you catch the next butterfly emerge from its casing. I bet that would be an exciting event to witness.

  7. Bangchik,
    I only saw the thread once looking closely at a photo, it is amazing what we miss through the naked eye.
    Thanks, will be more vigilant now...
    what a great idea! No butterflies around the garden now though, with all this rain. Which brings a question to mind - where do butterflies go in the rain?

  8. Leavesnbloom,
    So lucky to have been witness to it and glad I could share the photos.
    how right you are..
    Solitude Rising,
    I am waiting with bated breath so I dont miss it.

  9. Oh! So sorry you missed it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you see the next one. Earlier in the Summer I had a bird house full of baby birds... had to leave for a few days and when I got home, they had all flown away... I so wanted to watch the "flight school." Maybe next year.

  10. Meredehuit,
    I have actually brought it in to work with me so I am really keeping an eye on it!


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