Monday, October 4, 2010

Gingers are flowering and the new area is filling out.

The red gingers are so reliable - they never seem to stop flowering - a bit less in the dry season, but now they are approaching their prime.  You can see my neighbours garden behind this and they have a couple of the same plants, so it makes my garden look bigger since you can't see the distinction.  This is a feature in my garden to make it seem bigger than it actually is!
The anthiriums too seem very happy and just keep flowering continually.  

The miniature white caladiums look pretty as a border plant. 

 and I see some new shoots at the base of the beehive ginger - I think I must remove the extra leaves and add compost.  Soon we will have some beehive inforesences, and the best thing is that they last for months.
Yes the wet season is on its way!


  1. Ooh, beautiful red gingers! And I do love the beehive exciting to find new shoots.

  2. The red gingers are gorgeous! Haha, I love the feauture that makes the garden bigger! I got to persuade my neighbour to grow something similar as mine, so my garden also could look bigger! :)

    Looking forward to seeing beehive ginger blooming!

  3. That red ginger is wonderful ... and so is that white Caladium. After a wetter 'dry' than usual ... does it count as a 'dry' season when it actually does rain?? ... anyway, the unexpected rain so far during the year has meant things are pretty green already so it will be interesting to see just what happens in the garden after the 'wet'!!

  4. Floridagirl and Ami,
    It seems as though the colour red is quite popular in my garden! Ami, a lot of the reason I started growing the gingers is because my neighbour had them and I knew it would create a bigger impact to have the same.
    Who knows what our weather is doing! Yes I am happy with the border that white caladium has created. It doesnt die down either over winter which is helpful.

  5. Your blossoms are alway so refreshing to me... so different from what is in my gardens.

  6. Meredehuit,
    I feel the same way about your garden! Isnt it wonderful that we can visit gardens all around the world from our own chair!


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