Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Babying the chrysalis

Not wanting to miss the emergence of the butterfly I brought the last chrysalis into work.  I have noticed a lot more catterpillars at home on my patio lime tree, but no chrysalis as such.   This catterpillar originally made its home on a cut branch of kaffir lime tree which I have in a  vase, so it was easy enough to transport.
The last ones that hatched seemed a little smaller than this one and once they had hatched the shell was clear.  I imagine it will start to go clear just before the butterfly emerges. 
There is distict green colouring on the sides:

The other side is similar

The underside looks hard and brown - it is hard to imagine a delicate butterfly will emerge from this.

I called it bring your baby to work day as I really seem to be babying this one, and so anxious to see the butterfly emerge.


  1. Getting very exciting. Such a shame you missed the other one ... let's hope you get to see this chrysalis opening.

  2. I don't blame you for babying that thing! So glad you took it to work, as now you will be sure to capture photos when the big event takes place, and you can share them with us. : ) Very exciting!

  3. The chrysalis looks so well camoflaged! Is it a swallowtail of some sort? I know they do prefer citrus as host plants... Sorry I haven't commented in a while as I've been really busy...

  4. Hey we're all waiting as much as you to see the "birth". We're all like excited aunts and uncles of your chryalis.

  5. thanks for all the comments, and I am more convinced than ever that it is an orchard swallowtail as we are seeing more and more of them in the garden. It seems that, in addition to a hovering "mother" here, it has "aunties and uncles" watching worldwide! I cant believe it is taking this long as I am sure the others hatched before two weeks! I did read that if conditions were not optimum that it would delay emerging, so have put it outside, but where I can watch it from my office window.

  6. I'm loving that you're sharing all the drama with us. I think I'm as excited as you are! Well, maybe almost. :)

  7. A new spin on "bring your kids to work" day! :D Great idea, though. Why should you miss nature just because you have to work?! Love the photos!

  8. thanks Kim and Meredehuit,
    Still nothing has happened - so much rain! I think this must not be a rain loving butterfly!

  9. That chrysalis is so well-camouflaged! Its great to know you're going to be a butterfly-mom too ;)


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