Thursday, September 16, 2010

The yates spring challenge - beans

My fellow gardening blogger from Year in a  Gippsland garden blogged about accepting the yates challenge to grow some spring vegetables from seeds.  I took up the challenge and am starting some beans.  As we come into the wet season here in Far North Queensland there is a limited amount of vegetables we can grow.   Some of the problems we face are mildew and bugs, any plants that cant stand wet foliage are out, so that is the end of our tomato crops.  I sitll have a few cherry tomatoes growing, but have to continually cut off any yellowing foliage to allow lots of air to circulate. 
I have chosen beans to grow and in the past have not had a lot of success with beans, so am holding thumbs.  I am planting them in between the pigeon peas that I have growing in a  line down the centre of my veggie bed.  The pigeon pea seeds were innoculated which means they add nitrogen into the soil every time they are cut back.   This bed was built up using lots of mulch and compost, with no artificial chemicals or fertilizers.
I had this packet of bean seeds lying around so am using them - I know they are old, because I keep trying and not having much success.  In this climate you can plant in what you think is going to be the dry season and then get weeks of continual rain!   I think that is what happened to the last lot I planted about a month ago.  I am soaking the seeds overnight  and then into the ground they will go.  the countdown begins....
I have had a problem downloading the photos so will just go ahead and post this as really so far there is nothing to see other than a patch of dirt...


  1. I'm getting ready to plant beans too! Exciting, isn't it? Vegetable gardening really seems to be the only kind of gardening my kids are interested in. There isn't much that can be grown here in our summer/wet season either, so I don't bother. The "kitchen" part of my garden is quite minuscule anyway.

  2. I keep thinking to try the veggie planting, but seem just not enough time! Bean sounds a good idea to start though.... Good luck with yours!

  3. Floridagirl, I am slowly finding the few things that grow OK here and am going to stick with those.
    Ami, I have not had much success with beans in the past for some reason - I think you need to find just the right ones....


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