Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ulysses butterfly chrysalis formed

A chrysalis has formed - it looks just like a leaf that has folded over, and the caterpillar must  fold a leaf over itself to form the top of the chrysalis.  I would never have found it if I wasn't looking....
From the underside it doesn't look as though there is anything inside the leaf.
It looks like a jellylike substance - and I have heard that during the metamorphosis, that that is what the chrysalis contains.  Just a jelly, and from that emerges a beautiful butterfly!  amazing!
Just after my divorce I read a great book that compared troubled times to that time in the chrysalis, where you are just a blob of jelly, but time heals, and  Gods hands re-create, and you will eventually emerge better and stronger  just as a butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis!  What a wonderful thought that was to hold onto.  We don't have to do anything, just wait, and see what beauty will emerge.  
and the plain brown spiky caterpillar is changing into the same green one, so it is not a different kind at all!

what a marvellous thing to be watching this transformation! 


  1. I think this looks like it might be an Ambrax Swallowtail ... now that I see the brown and white horned caterpillar is maturing into that green caterpillar with the bands. Have you ever seen those in your garden? Anyway, it will be an exciting moment when the butterfly emerges! Terrific stuff.

  2. That is a marvelous thing to witness! I need to be more aware of such well-camouflaged things in my garden. I love your life analogy. Beautiful comparison! Can't wait until you share with us the emerging butterfly!

  3. Bernie,
    I cant say that I have seen any of those Ambrax Swallowtail around - really our most common butterfly is the ulysses. I dont have many photos as they are so difficult to capture on film.
    well, if I had not been watching so carefully I would just think this was a leaf. From everything I read it should take one to two weeks, so am going to have to get the hubby to keep on eye on it while I am at work. It would be awful if I never saw the final result!

  4. I'm so envious! I've been walking the gardens and neighborhoods looking for caterpillars, of which I have found none. I planted Dill just to attract them, but so far, all I have attracted are hornets. I can tell you where the milkweed grows , but no caterpilars there. So... I'm so happy to read posts like yours that make me feel as though I'm there! Your analogy is so true. Sometimes we're all just a blob of jelly.

  5. This is truly amazing...I'd have not found it either...I had to stare at the 1st photo to realize what I was looking at!! I love how the entire thing is held up by a simple thread. The entire process is so amazing!

  6. It's so exciting waiting to see the metamorphis from caterpillar to butterfly. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  7. I'm inviting you to join in a "game". Join in if you wish. Check it out at

  8. Hi Missy,
    I have been watching it anxiously all week now - something should be happeng soon by my count.... thanks for the offer of the "game", will think about it...


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