Friday, September 3, 2010

Tropical fruit trees

I have been hankering after a lime tree forever.  For my birthday everyone chipped in and I went off to go and spend the money at the garden center in Bunnings.  Owing to the small spcae we have, it has to be a dwarf variety, and probably in a pot, although I  do prefer trees in the ground - somehow it seems a bit alien to be putting a tree into a pot.  I never get the watering right either.  Whoa there, we dont want to jepordize this before it starts!  They have dwarf meyer lemon or dwarf lime - I chose the lime as a lot of my neighbours have troubles with their lemons.  I think limes are more apt to grow without problems in this climate.
So here is my new little addition- I chose one that already had buds - a sign of good things to come!
Marketing gets me every time - I loved the lime green pot, the name "sublime", and even free recipes on the back of the label! Dont those limes on the label look delicious!

So in my small garden I now have quite a few fruit trees - the large lychee tree, a barbados cherry, a small kaffir lime grown from a  clipping, a pineapple guava also grown from a clipping and now this newest addition, the lime tree!  welcome to our little fruit "forest"! 


  1. Congratulations, AA, and welcome home to your sweet little lime tree! Good for you! I love having a fruit orchard in my own of the benefits of living in the tropics! I can't wait to watch it grow! Nice selection!! And Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  2. What a sweet birthday gift you got! Happy Birthday! That is a very nice lime tree, and I can see you use it for cooking and make some drinks. Wow, now it made me thinking if I can also squeeze some fruit tree into my small garden...

  3. You have a collection of great fruit trees! What are those alocasia looking plants in the background?

  4. Kimberley and Ami,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, but my birthday was a while back and I only just now got to go shopping! all except the lychee tree are supposed to be bush or dwarf vairieties so hope they dont grow too big.

  5. rainforest Gardener,
    You get me every time! I thought that was a caladium, but now that you mention it (and got me doing some searches) I am not sure! to be continued.....

  6. Rainforest gardener,
    I found it on a great website, and you are right it is an alocasia called greenshield.(from the philipines)
    thanks for getting me going on doing some research!

  7. Good luck with your lime tree. I hope you have an abundance of (sweetly) sour limes. Your garden is looking great.

  8. Exciting! Your fruit forest is growing! So, since you mentioned "buds" on the tree, does this mean your citrus are getting ready to bloom right now? The backward seasons are so amazing to me! I lost my three-year-old lychee and my Barbados cherry in the Great Florida Freeze of 2010. Very sad situation. Will probably try them again someday, as they are so beautiful.

  9. Thanks Tracy, I am looking forward to bumper crops for years to come!
    I carefully watched those buds, but they just seemed to drop off. More buds every day though so I am hoping..... sorry you lost your fruit trees - my barbados cherry took off this year and now I realise it is actually under the passionfruit arch so I wonder - do I move it? prune heavily?, or move the arch?


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