Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recycle those broken garden solar lights

I dont know how many solar garden lights I have bought in my lifetime and they have all eventually stopped working.  The solar part of the top starts to rust and they slowly dim, until they dont work anymore.  Since I hate to get rid of something that might go on to have another life I have been saving them in hopes I would have a  bright idea.
well, talking of bright ideas led to candles... 

mmmm how does that look? 
I put one on either side of my pathway - they showcase my new stone "welcome to spring" stepping stone.

 It was lovely sitting out in the gazebo looking out at the lightly flickering candles.  There was a light mist of rain which did not seem to bother the flame, and just enough to cool things down without making us head inside.

I was thinking about drilling holes so that they would drain, and then when one was filled with rainwater I thought that they might also be used as little floating vases to add a bit of colour.

  so they have yet another use... goodbye landfill hello garden art!


  1. Great idea. We've got a few hiding around the garden that I've been meaning to get rid of, but you've changed my mind. They look better with the candle in them than they did as solar lights I think.

  2. Cool idea. But you may want to put some sand at the base of the transparent "cup" when you use a candle - should stop it melting when the candle burns low :-)

  3. Yeah I really like what you have done here, I have countless solar lights dotted around the garden too some working some non-working.

    They could also be used for bird feeding as well, water bowls and seed bowls, and sand would be ideal for the candles as Dani stated.

  4. VERY clever idea and pretty! I like the candles, but the breeze blows mine out most evenings. However, the floating flower, or floating candle for the best of both worlds?!?! Looks GREAT!!!

  5. They look good ,great recycling idea.Throw in some Citronella Oil candles and they might keep the Mosquitos away serving double duty.

  6. Wow, thanks guys, even more wonderful ideas - yes Dani, I can pick up some beach sand, and Sanddune citronella candles sound like a great idea. Kimberly, they seem a little protected from the wind so hope that works for you. EL San Antonio,... bird feeders, fun!

  7. Hi Gillian, thank you for this woderful idea. I've got some old solar lights hanging around that I couldn't bring myself to throw away, but couldn't think what to do with them. I love to repurpose so these ideas are just pefect!
    BTW - will look out for you on the Yates cahllenge :)

  8. nice idea, those solar lights never seem to last very long

  9. I love this idea! Wish I could share my raspberries with you! I always enjoy my visits to your world as well!

  10. Gippslandgardener, I hate to buy something thinking i am doing something good for the environment and then have to throw it away a couple of months later. Havnt posted anything on the yates challenge - will do this weekend.
    Hi Stone art, thanks
    Meredehuit, I could taste those rasberries from looking at your photos!


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