Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Herb spiral update

Over the weekend we went shopping in the big city.  I got lost in the garden center. Well, I wasnt technically lost, and my hubby knew that was where he would find me when I lost track of time!
The herb spiral has become overgrown with mother of herbs. That is a tropical plant much like oregano, but all you need is one leaf in a pot of spaghetti bolognaise, so I probably have more than an ample supply for an Italian restuarant.  The comfrey off to the one side of the little path is doing well, despite - or maybe because of me continually cutting back the lower leaves for compost.

I found this cute litttle lemon thyme - the thyme I have grown from seed has always been rather spindly and I thought I might do better to buy the enitre plant,and maybe this lemon type will do better in the tropical climate.

Strawbery plants were on special, so a section mother of herbs was cut back to allow space for the strawberry plant.
as you can see most of my weeds are cherry tomatoes and pawpaws, a lot of which I let grow wherever they are unless they are really are in the way.  This pawpaw tree is going to have to be moved. 
Alongside the herb spiral is a mass of Italian parsley and dill, two herbs that I use a lot of, so they need a lot of room.  Mint and lemon balm are in the pots and the spearmint in the front hangs over and I keep weeding it back from other areas.  Garlic chives, rocket, stevia  and rosemary completes the list of my herbs in this little area.


  1. Just dig up the pawpaw seedlings and share them with gardeners in your neighborhood! I wish I had that problem!

  2. I can just imagine the fragrance as you were working in this bed, clipping and moving plants! Delicious!
    Your "Mother of Herbs" looks like what we call Cuban Oregano here... and it's just as vigorous in my garden!

  3. I don't have much knowledge about herbs. The only ones I'm familiar with are the common ones, usually those that are sold in grocery stores. Now my knowledge of herbs just grew, I can add to it Mother of Herbs (Cuban Oregano). Thanks!

  4. I love the idea of an herb spiral. :) Charming!

    I have better luck with lemon thyme here in a subtropical region. However, my thyme always does badly for the first year here, sometimes for the first two years, and then takes hold and does well. It's almost like it's languishing, gathering its forces to be able to handle the heat and humidity. One gardening friend told me it always goes dormant for her in the first year after planting. So maybe don't give up yet!

  5. Rainforest Gardener, well everyone else has too many papwpaw seedlings as well!
    Grower Jim, Yes it does smell great and that is why I let it fill up every avaialble area. I think the name cuban oregano is much more descriptive.
    Solitude Rising, I first started this herb spiral in order to grow rosemary through the seasons, as it hates wet feet. The rosemary is at the top where it is very free draining. the more herbs suited to this climate that I grow the better they do....

  6. That is interesting about the thyme Meredith, I think I yanked up the last lot in digust as it looked so spindly and sad - maybe I should have left it for longer. I thought the lemon thyme seemed to have more sustantial leaves so that is what attracted me to it.


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