Friday, September 10, 2010

Colorful coleus

Coleus is a great plant to fill in any empty areas, I find you can just cut off a little bit, and either root it first in a little water or else just plonk into the ground and it will grow. what is not to love about that!
look at the variegated colours on this leaf!
 Who need flowers when you have leaves like this?


  1. Beautiful coleus! This is my first time to see this type. I have recently developed interests into Coleus, and start collecting different colors that I can see. You are so right, it is such easy plant to fill the bare spots and add color into the garden.

  2. Wow, that is a wonderful Coleus specimen!!! Do you know its name? They are the easiest plant in the world to root, aren't they? I just pinch off a piece and stick it in the ground.

  3. Totally agree. Coleus is the best filler plant around... and thanks so much for visiting my blog. I used to live in Cairns and love tropical gardens. In Brisbane we get a lot less rain and Winter knocks some of the plants about but we can still grow most of the same plants.

  4. I did not realize you could root them like that! I usually buy plants in the spring, but I did not this year due to budget constraints, and this fall I'm missing their riot of colorful leaves spilling from my planters. I'd been thinking of starting some from seed next year -- but now I might just buy one plant and root a whole bunch of cuttings. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Ami,
    Here they grow year round, although there is a little one that seemed to struggle duing the winter and is now coming back.
    no idea what it is called - I probably just pinched a bit from someones elses garden!
    Yes it is a pretty area, but I think our summers are more humid than yours! I dotn feel as though we have had any winter this year.
    Sounds like the way to go - twenty plants for the cost of one!

  6. Oh goodness, I haven't seen a coleus in years! They don't grow over here - too hot and dry. But we had them years ago, and they are beautiful and easy-care plants.

  7. I love Coleus too. Agreed with you that they are easy to propagate but have to do that often so that they do not appear leggy.


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