Saturday, August 7, 2010

Red and yellow

It seems as though red and yellow were the color theme of the day today.  I have some volunteer daisy bushes and moved them out to the swimming pool area alongside the cordelines - think they will look good.  there -  red and yellow. I was going to take a photo, but there was quite a lot of wind and they looked really sad out there, so I am not at all sure they will survive. 
The weeping tea tea tree is in bloom and there are so many little insects buzzing around.  Some bigger insects too that buzz me anytime I forget and get too close!  I noticed a butterfly and ran to get my camera - what colour was it - red an yellow of course!  These are called union jack butterflies and are one of our more common butterflies.

The vegetable garden got a good weeding, and the paths are now clean, I think I must really get some mulch soon.  In November the council has a weekend where taxpayers can get free mulch - cam I wait for then?  The price is right.  I have been using my compost as mulch and it is working well, I drag it out the bottom of my bin as soon as it is ready (sometimes even before, as I have read that in the tropics that is fine, and that seems to be working for me.)  at the moment we are shredding lots of lychee leaves to add to the compost bin along with cuttings and kitchen scraps, and also I have another bin just for leaf mould.
I left a few pigeon pea plants and they are flowering profusely - surely I will get some peas soon!  What colour are they?  well, red and yellow of course  :)

I  love the flowers and would grow them just for the flowers, but they also add nitrogen, and hopefully some produce eventually! Multi-use plants!

Aren't they just beautiful?


  1. most beans produce beautiful flowers, and i love the stretching look of both the lower and upper petals... red and yellow is a nice combination. When they add nitrogen to the soil, the next crop or those near will benefit. ~bangchik

  2. I love red and yellow together! Did a post on such combos in my garden a few months ago. Your red-and-yellow butterfly is beautiful. We don't have one with that kind of coloring here in Florida. And your pigeon peas are so lovely...and useful too. Can't beat that in a plant.

  3. Thanks for the comments Bangchick and Floridagirl. Yes I am really liking the pigeon peas, and the fact that if I need a bit more shade I simply stop pruning them back!

  4. So very tropical! I love this fiery colour combination. Those pigeon peas have stunning flowers! I've never seen them before.

  5. Actually, they are stunning! I wish they would grow in my gardens.

  6. That is funny Sunita, as I heard they were grown all over India, and the peas were used in dahl. I am still not sure why I am not getting peas, and now wondering if it is because I innoculated the seeds.
    Meredenhuit, and I wish I could grow roses like you do! - isnt that the wonderful thing about the internet. We can garden vicariously through our blogging friends.


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