Monday, August 30, 2010

Pineapple in all its forms

Grower Jim just posted an informative article about pineapples, and I had spent yesterday out in the garden between rainshowers looking at the different forms of pineapple I have in my garden!  Pineapples must be the theme of the day!
It was a couple of weeks ago I noticed that my pinepple plant had at last decided to set fruit, and yesterday I noticed it is growing in size.  This is the type of pineapple that has less spiny leaves, and some people say it does not have as much flavour. I am just excited to have something to show for all the years of planting pineapple tops into the soil and waiting and waiting, with nothing to show for it.......

Since I didnt grow up in a tropical climate I am still in awe of all the tropical fruit and flowers  I can grow in my own garden.

Much more prolific is this decorative pineapple bromeliad.. Ananas nanus.  Talk about spiky leaves!  This has this area all to itself as you dont want to put your hands in the area, they propogate from the base once they have finished flowering and also from the fallen fruit/flower.  Whatever they want, they get, because I am not going to mess with them.
A close up shows the little purple flowers forming around the edge.  You can also see the spines on the leaves.  In fact those leaves remind me of the wild plant called waiti-a-while.  I will have to do a  post on that plant one day.  One day when I am feeling evil, as that can be an evil plant to become entangled with.

Right now, though I am in my lovely garden and closer you will see one of my favourite native ladybugs - they are a brilliant blue!  It doesnt show up so well in this light - maybe they need more sunlight on them.


  1. Very cute ladybug, and never saw a blue one before! Congrats on your pineapple. I have tried several times to grow it from store-bought pineapple crown, and for some reason they eventually rotted even after several months growth. I am growing one again in the container now, let's see if this time I have some luck... :)

    Love the flowers/fruit of your Ananas nanus, very pretty, although I don't think I want to mess with those spiky leaves.

  2. Ami,
    well, just persist like I did (in fact forget it there, it will take that long!) I dont think they like to be too wet. I am more enthusiastic now that I have had one success!

  3. Congratulations on finally getting some action from that pineapple! It takes about 4 months from flower to ripe fruit. A steady supply of moisture (but not wet) will give you the largest fruit.
    We have the Ananas nanus here too, but I prefer pineapples I can eat!

  4. Grower Jim - four months! Ok I will put that spoon away for now. Talking of spoons.... I would love to find the type of pineapples we tasted on a visit to Hawaii - small and very sweet - in fact you scooped the flesh out with a spoon. Now that I have had some success I might try and do some research on those.


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