Monday, August 30, 2010

Oak leaf croton

thie crotons are so happy to be released of the crowding heleconias all around them and are really strutting their stuff.  I just love how the new leaves forming are such a different colour, but you can see the shape evolving.


  1. Great photos showing off a fabulous plant. I don't know what tropical gardens would do without the ubiquitous Croton ... they are just such a colourful addition and will put up with just about anything Mother Nature can hurl at them.

  2. Hi Bernie,
    well, this one did not do much while it was crowded out by the heleconias! I think they like to strut their stuff where you can see them!

  3. I have an oakleaf croton. It's one of my favorites! Mine is crowded by a stoplight croton right next door to it. They both seem to have the same brilliant black, gold, and red hues that, to me, are the loveliest among all the crotons.

  4. Crotons are a South Florida favorite also. I have made some more Croton plants through cuttings as they are said to be one of the easiest plants to propagate this way. Your's is looking quite happy to now have it's own space.

  5. Floridagirl, Crotons seem to be quite slow growing here, but always seem to be so colourful throughout the seasons. Often the lower parts of the branches are bare. Yes Sanddune, I have propogated most of mine from slips, and maybe that is what I should do to form some more around the bases of these bigger ones. .


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