Monday, August 23, 2010

new plants, free plants, free bromeliads!

Look at this lovely bromeliad! What a beautiful addition to my bromeliad bed!

We took our grandson to the beach and when we dropped him off I asked my lovely daughter-in-law (very much an un-gardener) if I could take a few of her bromeliads. Yes sure, she said, and I brought home two, cut off the dead leaves and gave them a good drink - gosh they look so lovely now, I am sure she wont recognise them! They add just the right amount of colour amongst all all the green.

I  took away the bricks at the back of the bed and moved them to the front, and I think this makes the bed flow nicely.  The bricks will help when the gardeners come to do the edging as I would hate them to catch a rock and have it fling up into their eyes or something. 

 I need to add a few more rocks, but this is not such a pleasant job. If you tip them out they get caught up in the leaves, in which case you have to reach in amongst all the spines to get them out.  If you try to reach in underneath and lay them out they get you too... either way it is a spiny business!

I have noticed a few amaryllis flowering around town - so I am holding thumbs that mine will be blooming soon, and anticipating how wonderful this bed will look when they flower.  For all the changing around this little corner of the garden has had, I am at last happy with it! ............except for the fact that I really think I need some sort of path alongside - the grass does not like to be walked on every time we go around the back, which is often.
so on to the next project, why did I think I was done? :)


  1. Beautiful bromeliad! Yes, it is a nice color to add to your brome bed. since it is flowering, I guess you soon can get more pups out of it, how great!

  2. Very nice of DIL to share her bounty. Love that neo's burgundy-pink hue. Your brom bed is looking lovely and well-tended, and I'm sure those amaryllis will bloom soon.

  3. I tried to comment earlier but the internet ate it. I really like the burgundy brom and hope I can find one like that. I guess the tight symmetry is the nicest part. Is the variegated brom in the foreground a gamosepala "lucky stripe"?

  4. Ami,
    Yes I think the colour adds a bit of interest there, so they put out pups straight after flowering? I never noticed the sequence before.
    I am holding thumbs, and hoping that moving them would not have retarded flowering.

  5. Rainforest gardener,
    that variegated bromeliad is the one that has the matchstick pink and purple flowers. Not sure of the name. It certainly looks happier there.


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