Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot loud and proud - Pigeon peas... again

I have never done a meme before, but maybe that will give me an excuse to post just a few more pigeon pea photos.  red and yellow - about as hot as one can get!
Gosh I just love these pigeon pea flowers, maybe since I havnt been able to grow sweet peas here, just way too hot.  As  child I loved to pick bunches of bunches of sweet peas and arrange little vases throughout the house.  My mom didnt mind as she said the more you picked the more they produced!  I think I am going to start harvesting the dry peas, as some of them are getting eaten by bugs and I want them first!
I hope you are not getting tired of them yet!

For more hot loud and proud photos head off to see the cordelines on Noels blog! 

 From there you can see links to many more.


  1. Our winged bean has similar flowers, all closed up for a while then the outer petals flick back exposing the lower sets of light blue flower. ~bangchik

  2. Interesting. I am not very familiar with pigeon pea.

  3. aloha,

    i am not familiar pigeon peas either, they are quite striking plants, i love the contrasting colors.

  4. Bangchick,
    I have seen winged beans here, but never the flower - interesting.
    Welcome Malay Kadazan girl, I checked out your blog and you are growing some interesting vegetables, it looks as though you have some great helpers there!

  5. Noel, they started out just as a green manure crop, but have turned out to be wonderful supports for climbing plants, provide shade, and now also a harvest, and pretty to boot!

  6. I am not tired of it at all. I have not seen the pigeon peas in the real life except from the pictures. The flower looks pretty with different color shade.

  7. Ami,
    They certainly took a long time to begin to flower in profusion, but now they are covered in blooms. they are definitely going to stay in my garden

  8. Beautiful flowers.
    The flowers in my header is Thunbergia mysorensis. It is a creeper native to India. Yes, it does look a bit like the yellow pea blossoms you have shown.

  9. I love your pigeon peas! The bloom is so interesting.

  10. They're very very unusual - I've never come across blooms like this on anyone elses blog.

  11. Thanks Lotusleaf, I dont think I have any more room for vines, so will just enjoy your header! Floridagirl, this has been a very interesting plant to grow, and I love the red and yellow together
    Leavesnbloom, it is strange that more people dont grow it as a green manure crop.


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