Monday, August 16, 2010

Butterflies on tea tree

The tea tree is in bloom and just buzzing with all sorts of insects and butterflies.

I got a little closer,

 and noticed that they have a bit of blue on their wings

even the underside of their wings is pretty.

The butterflies seemed unaware of me, but there were a few waspy things that buzzed me and made me a bit nervous.  Maybe they were just telling me I was getting a bit too close.
These are the only butterflies I caught on film, but the whole garden was abuzz with butterflies.  I guess I need to make more time to just sit quietly with camera in hand observing them. 
 Stop and watch the butterflies....

I looked this butterfly up and it seems they are called the Varied Eggfly and they mostly seem to be males.  the female has a little orange lower down on the wing.
I think I have seen the female before and thought it was a different species. 

My grandson came to visit and played with a caterpillar and we told him how that would one day turn into a butterfly, but I think at the moment it is all a bit beyond his comprehension. I also got a cuddle with my newest little granddaughter...mmm.


  1. yes that is Hypolimnas bolina and we also have a lot of them here, they like to feed also on sweet potato leaves. However, last wkend i did not see it yet in the swarm of butterflies in our yard. Maybe because the sweet potato just started to produce leaves at the start of the rainy season which has just started.

  2. That Varied Eggfly is a gorgeous butterfly! Looks like your butterflies down under are as cool as your birds and flowers. What kind of name is Varied Eggfly, though? It deserves something better, I think. My garden has been swarming with butterflies too this summer. I do wish I could capture more of them on camera.

  3. Very interesting and pretty butterflies! I've never seen one of those with the blue spots...gorgeous! How do you get such clear, close shots of them? My butterflies won't let me get close enough or won't sit still long enough. Hmmm!

  4. That butterfly is so beautiful! Despite of various butterfly plants I introduced into my garden, I still only see handsfull of butterflies, and needless to say to capture them on my camera. That little cuddle from the new granddaughter sounds very warmy :)

  5. Andrea, my sweet potato has been moved into the very back of the garden, so I havnt noticed them on that.
    Floridagirl, yes I must admit I looked twice at that name! Kimberly and Ami, they seem to like sitting there perfectly still while I got the camera out. I still have to try to capture a ulysses butterfly on camera though, they flutter around so quickly....


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