Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bromeliad bed

I have been moving a few bromeliads into the garden outside the bedroom window.  There were amarylis there already, so I have not removed those.  It looks quite crowded, but I like the look of the amarylis leaves, and the bromeliads support the leaves.  I will wait to see if the the amarylis flower in spring (a lot of friends in the area  said theirs did not flower either last year).  Not sure if I want the entire bed of bromeliads, or will let some amarylis stay..  I do want to put some sort of stone mulch down as I like the look of bromeliads against stone.
The bromeliads had been looking rather tattered and untidy under the tree, but are now beginning to show some better colour.
this had totally lost its red center in the shade....... clearly they like more sunlight.
this little variegated one has already put out two pups.
Once I cut away some of the dead leaves and put down some stone mulch I think this bed will look nice.  I am glad I moved the bromeliads here, and I think by spring they will be putting on quite a nice show. .


  1. I have every confidence this bed will look fabulous in no time ... especially with stone mulch. I rather like the combination of broms and amaryllis ... it's a nice combination of form!

  2. I like the idea of tightly packing the broms to keep the amaryllis foliage upright! Those leaves can get quite floppy. I really like the orangish colored one!

  3. I like to use stone, too, especially in the back by the pool. My dogs turn everything into mud otherwise. Your broms look great!

  4. Wonderful broms! A favorite plant of mine, you have possibly noticed, as are the amaryllis. I've never thought of putting the two together, though. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking yesterday that my main amaryllis bed was now getting too much shade, and that I should move them. And what did I plan to put in their place? Yep, bromeliads! We'll see. That's a lot of work, and this time of year is way busy for me.

  5. Hi everyone!
    thats what I love about the internet - positive feedback :) I noticed when visiting a friend last night that she has an amarylis flowering so am holding thumbs.
    Rainforest gardener, must be the photo, as that is actually more pink than orange, and has an amazing delicate flower in pink and lime green.
    Kimberly and Bernie, I will be digging up some stones this weekend to create more space for tomatoes next year against the fence, so this is a good spot for them.
    Mmm Floridagirl, it seems that some bromeliads like shade and others dont....
    Thanks you guys for following and commenting even though I have been so sporadic lately.

  6. That looks like a good move! I also have a bromeliads corner situated in a area that got about three hours sun each day, most bromes are growing there quite well. Most of my bromes are Neos though, which love shade more than sun. My three large Aechmea Blanchetianas got more sun though.


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