Saturday, July 31, 2010

You lose some you win some...

I spent all day Saturday digging out all (hopefully) the roots of the invasive Lady Di Heleconia.  That area is now a bit bare, but I am sure it will all fill in soon enough.  I moved a couple of cordelines there that were not doing well in the shade and along with the crotons should create quite a colourful spot.  I cleared a path behind that area to go to the back of the garden as it sometimes gets a bit prickly going past the duranta.  I think the franzipani will do better now that it has more light and air.  Good, another job to tick off the list.  Behind the tree fern these heleconia are flowering.  Maybe they should be further out in the front as they are quite low and hidden.

they have great detail in their colouring.

My neighbour gave me a piece of her tassel fern......hers is in a hanging pot 

the last one I saw was in Delaware at Longwood Gardens.  I cant believe the tropical plants they grew there in the "ballroom", and I come home to discover one in my neighbours garden!

Hope mine does this well!


  1. Your heliconia and tassel fern are gorgeous! I still have 'Lady Di' and pray it does not become invasive here.

  2. You have been working hard ... but the rewards will be wonderful. That little Heliconia hiding behind your tree fern is lovely. Tassel fern looks fabulous ... you're so lucky to get some free! I used to have an enormous hanging basket of it many, many years ago ... and have never had it since! I think you've renewed my interest ... I remember it as being so easy to look after.

  3. Oh, that tassel fern looks so beautiful! It will be a pretty scene when it grows longer and spills out of the container! Your heliconia is very pretty too. How tall this heliconia could grow? I love heliconia, but a little hesitate to grow one in my small garden since they tend to be big.

  4. Floridagirl,
    Since you have colder winters you might not have the same problems, and really if I had a bigger garden I would have let it run. Supposedly you can insert a root barrier to contain it, but weed mat did not work.
    That Heleconia stricta Dwarf Jamacian is also the running kind, but seems easier to control. It is only about 2ft high, and I have grown it before in a large window box which controlled it nicely. If you can get one of these they are very prolific and the flowers last a long time.
    my grandson has taken to watering the tassel fern with his little watering can, so it is getting pleny of water!

  5. thats a beautiful heliconia, i wouldn't mind growing some in the back where its more of a jungle...we have an abandoned nursery closeby and its overun with rampant heliconias and its a little scary...i do love that tassel fern, its stunning-hope your's get that way soon!

  6. I'm so sorry that you've had to dig up this lovely heliconia. This is not the first time I've heard this...and I've only just started my heliconia. I hope I'm not sorry, but the colors are really spectacular! The tassle fern is REALLY cool!


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