Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Veggie Garden Update

When I returned from my five weeks away the veggie garden was a little overgrown.  Cherry tomatoes everywhere, and as I carefully put in some stakes and tied branches back I discovered that the capsicum        plants had been buried underneath them.  Hopefully they will perk up now that they can come up for air.  I don't know why I have such trouble growing the large bulbous capsicums that you see in the store.  Oh yes I do!  They are capsicums on steroids or hormones or something!  My little organic ones are very tasty though!  Supermarket produce can give you such an unreal expectation of what your garden should produce.  Isn't that sad. they should be ashamed of themselves.
My lettuces have essentially lain over and gone to sleep..... on long leggy stalks.  Anyway I planted some seeds and we will see what comes up.  Snow peas, lettuce, radish, silverbeet, green beans, gemsquash, amaranth.  Our winter has been strange - a lot hotter than normal, and we have been getting quite regular rain. I would like a little touch of winter before it starts getting hot and humid again.....
The eggplant has been producing wonderfully while I was away and my hubby doesn't eat them, so the neighbours have been lucky.  No more flowers - I wonder, is that it?  Too late to plant more? I must do some research as I think they should grow pretty much year round here.  I do want to find a selection of veggies that produce well in this area. 
So far the best producers have been
Cherry tomatoes
Snow peas (if we get enough cold)
Snake Beans
Bok Choy
Sweet Potato
This winter has been very strange with warmer temperatures, and much more rain than usual.   Whatever....... it is so good to be getting out there and getting some dirt under my fingernails once again. (Arent we gardeners strange!, and to think I had a manicure four weeks ago!)


  1. Africanaussie: Welcome back! I also just came back from my China vacation one week ago. I envy anybody who can have a veggie garden and actually produce something out of it! Your eggplants, snake beans, and loofah are something that I would grow and love to eat! My small garden can hardly find a space that is sunny enough and yet a little secluded (you know, it is not easy to make the veggie garden pretty! :).

  2. aloha,

    excellent that you can start growing these seeds again during your winter, excellent....how nice is that to have tomatoes year round.

    tx btw for helping me to decide on which photo i should submit :)

  3. Hi Ami,
    welcome back, hope you are settling back in again, I am finding it hard to make time to post a few photos never mind do some much needed digging in the dirt. I know, I thought my passionfruit vine looked nice and green but now that it is dying back it looks awful. Noel, oh during the summer I grow different tropical type of veggies. Pleasure, I really enjoy your photos, keep posting them!.

  4. I love your garden it is well organized but you should always make it clean. I also got eggplant but I got problems with it. They keep on flowering but never had produced some eggplant. Maybe the soil is lack of nutrients to make my plants produce more.


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