Monday, July 26, 2010


I was walking around the garden with a friend last evening and discovered that one of my pineaples is actually starting to fruit!  For years I have patiently cut the tops off pineapples and plopped them into the ground.  Occasionally I move them into another area, and so scattered around the garden are these pineapples, but I had sort of "forgotten" that one day they might bear fruit.  I did know that they take a couple of years, but dont really keep track.  Sometimes if one has been in the way I have just pulled it up and moved it or (heaven forbit) tossed it into the compost.
  I have no idea how long ago I planted this but isnt it simply marvellous that you can take the top off a pineppple, plop it into the ground and it will eventually give you another pipenapple?

mmm... yummy


  1. How wonderful ... it is amazing that you can just stick the tops in the ground and produce another delicious pineapple. Enjoy!

  2. Thats great. I used to do that but gave up. Congrats on your patience.

  3. Oh please keep us posted on this little guy's progress. How exciting!

  4. I agree, pineapple propagation is amazing! i've done the same as you, planting the tops of every pineapple i've eaten. My oldest is probably 18 months, no sign of new growth yet. they make a beautiful garden in the meantime!

  5. Oh I wouldnt call it patience, since I just let them sit there wherever they land, but I will be paying more attention to the others now :) Liz, I am sure yours are just about ready to fruit since i read somewhere that they take two years.


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