Thursday, May 6, 2010

Orchid show

I wandered in to the local orchid show over the weekend, with my grandson.  It was hard keeping him in the stroller, and telling him the signs said "don't touch!" 
So beautiful, I just wonder how they get them all to flower at the same time?  How do these orchids know this is the time to be at their best?  I suspect orchid gardeners are different to me.  I like to give the plants  the control.  I try to make them as happy as they can be on natural soil building nutrients, certainly none of my plants get any chemical fertilizers.  Orchids are native to this climate and get their nutrients in the wild from fallen rotting leaves and so grow best in old bark, with lots of drainage, which means that if it doesn't rain they need a sprinkle over their leaves every couple of days.  they do like a foliar feed of seaweed tea.
This bat plant was first in the arrangements section at the show - I have just the spot to plant one of these - they do require deep shade - aren't those long tentacles lovely?
I also liked this one - it seems like something that you could even replicate out in the garden

I wasn't going to buy anything, but oh gosh there were so many lovely ones for sale.   I bought one with lots of tiny buds, so that I can still enjoy it for a long time. I thought I had bought one with a speck of purple in the center, but I do like this plain white one.
 I am not sure where it will live - I am toying with a piece of bamboo hanging on the garden fence filled with orchids and ferns...mmm I am liking the idea more and more, and I found the perfect piece of bamboo lying waiting for me on the beach the other day. 
 Hopefully my new orchid inherited the genes that say -" flower  profusely in April, in time for the orchid show!"


  1. Beautiful! I adore orchids. We had a yellow one with magenta spotting in Brisbane, it was a prolific flowerer and had a wonderful scent.

  2. Gorgeous orchids! Especially the first one, never saw anything like that before! The white one you got is also very beautiful. I love white flowers :)

  3. The orchid in bamboo hanging on the fence sound great. Good luck with it. I am hopeless with orchids. I manage to kill all those that i have been given except for two which are struggling to stay alive. I must try your suggestions.

  4. Oh , you've got a Dendrobium "Emma White" (or maybe that's "Jiad White" ... I can never tell the difference). Lucky you! They're profuse bloomers. I have some of both and they're almost always in bloom.
    And yes, they'll cling to bamboo, logs of wood, any porous material like cork which lets it sink its roots into it. So you'll definitely have a great orchid-in-bamboo mount soon.

  5. Orchids are great! I think my favorite part is actually the roots as opposed to the flowers. I know... weird.

  6. Merilee,
    well I thought I was getting one with a bit more colour, but thats OK.
    The only time I have seen a batflower in the ground flowering was in the garden of a local resort. It was in a rather boggy, dark area. I have heard that they can be quite difficult until you find just the right location. I havnt even seen the plants for sale. We also live in a very remote area - 60km from the nearest fast food or movie theatre! But we do have an orchid show every year.
    thanks Ami,
    and Sunita, thanks for giving it a name!
    Diane, I think orchids actually thrive on neglect, most of mine that have flowered have just been stuck away in the shade of a tree and voila one day they flower! I buy a lot of clearance plants and give it a try, that way I dont lose too much!
    Rainforest gardener, well, I think you see the roots more than the actual flowers! I hope the roots will soon be clambering all over the bamboo making it look lovely and tropical all the time!

  7. That Bat plant is really quite extraordinary. I think I like it but I am not sure. One thing for sure it demands your attention.
    I do like to one you brought home. Hope it grows well for you.


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