Wednesday, April 7, 2010

was a fairy here?

Venturing outside during a break in the unending rain, I found a discarded fairy dress.  My gosh, it looks as though she just stepped out of it right now.... is she still around here somewhere?

Oh, no, it must have been just a fallen flower, look how many there are around..

I do like to think though that if there were fairies that needed a new party dress, that they would know they were welcome to come and dance in my yard anytime.


  1. That first picture does look like a fairy dress! Aren't fallen flowers so pretty on the lawn?

  2. They are Floridagirl, although I am by now very tired of the continual rain which brings them down. We are getting snippets of sunshine every now and then so I am hoping....

  3. Does your dry season get as dry as your rainy season seems wet? Then what happens to your plants?

    Asking as a denizen of a rarely completely wet or dry place.

  4. Adrian,
    No, we still get rain in the "dry" season, and that is the best time to grow anything. we mostly will just get a shower two or three times a week during the dry season, but the temperature and humidy are down a bit. Very comfortable. that is when we grow "regular" vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuces etc. A lot of the really tropical plants like gingers die right back and become dormant in the dry season. This is their climate and they seem to know exactly how to adapt!

  5. Who knows? They might have actually enjoyed those lovely outfits and returned back to their fairyland!


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