Monday, April 5, 2010

Two hours now without rain

I had a four day weekend (I know, I love that fact that we have so many public holidays in Australia :)  I took my MIL to church at my favourite little church in Port Douglas for the Easter service,  You look out at the ocean through big glass windows behind the altar.  It sometimes can be hard to concentrate....  but we were drenched by the time we got home. 
this is what happens when I walk outside....
some of the plants are very happy though- the anthirium just loves all the rain..

And so do the ground orchids...

and even the pigeon pea are flowering, although they do seem to be dropping off a lot of their leaves which are turning yellow.  I dont know if they do that before the peas form, or if it just because of all the rain and no sunshine. They are such beautiful flowers

right now we have had two hours without rain, I have put some washing on the line and hope that this really is the end of the wet season. 


  1. Your anthurium and ground orchids are beautiful! I am longing for summer!

  2. Yeah, I've read all about all your great holidays but thats okay, I have to work during holidays anyways. So which plants in your garden tolerate flooding the best?
    Oh yeah, I nominated you for some Mouse and trowel awards and thanks as usual for all the great posts!

  3. Still raining down here as well ... we might get an hour or two between showers but it's still mostly overcast, dreary days all in a row.

    Luckily, on my property, the water just drains away ... as it's on the side of a hill ... so the ground is not as mushy as yours.

    The ground orchids would absolutely love all the rain ... and your anthurium is doing so well.

    My costus is out in my greenhouse garden and is shaded pretty much all day ... so I would just wait a little longer to see if yours will bloom.

    Hope the washing dried!

  4. Today the forecast is no rain, so I am hoping....19 days of rain so far!
    Thank you for the nomination Steve, All the gingers, orchids and anthiriums just love this weather. The bromeliads are all looking a bit washed out and waterlogged, but the tree fern seems to put out a new shoot every day! Funny that in the vegetable garden the eggplant has suddenly taken off, and doing really well. The hibiscus are flowering, but their delicate petals cant stay open with the weight of the rain, I think some sunshine will make everyone happy! Me included!
    Bernie, oh you would have to be watching that all your good soil doesnt go down the side of the hill as well! I am hanging in there for that costus to start flowering any day now.
    Luckily our washing line is under the eaves, so it does eventually dry.


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