Monday, April 12, 2010

sunshine at last

The garden and I were very happy this weekend when the sun came out

Of course these tropical plants do love the wet season and flower profusely.  The continual wet does bring on lots of insects and bugs - mainly mosquitoes!  Most of the weekend was spent tidying up a little and putting a few more seeds into the vegetable patch.  I lost a lot of little seedlings simply because there was too much moisture.  I do believe the wet season is drawing to a close.


  1. Wonderful garden photos! Beautiful ground orchids! Your garden looks exactly as mine SHOULD look right now. I even have a tiki torch rising from the midst of my tree fern fronds! Our gardens are quite similar, I think. Can't wait for our wet season...all should be recovered from freeze damage by then.

  2. Your garden is glorious! I too admire your huge ground orchids! So tropical and lush. Your plants compliment each other so well!

  3. Thank you Floridgirl and Kimberley, I am just so blessed to be living where these plants grow naturally. It is so nice to have a bit of sunshine too to get out and enjoy it all. The ground orchids have been multiplying rapidly so I am slowly removing the rhoeo and replacing that border with orchids. Really worhwhile to grow as they never seem to stop flowering.


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