Monday, April 5, 2010

Recyling, repurposing and re-using

I am always interested in giving something new life instead of having it ending up filling the landfill. Sooo.... my hubby found this wheel rim lying around and asked whether I could put it to some use.

   I have been hankering after a bit of a water feature, I know, I know, I dont have the room, but still, could I line this with some rubber or something, then plant a water lilly?  I would have to have some fish or things that eat mosquito larvae - is it too small?  Water features here can sometimes cause huge problems, maybe it is better to leave the water feautrue idea alone. 
Should I go the other direction, since it already has drainage holes, and plant some colourful pansies or some nasturtiums in it?
I do love the shape, and colourful flowers against the black would be good..
I am thinking outside the bedroom window would be a good spot, and we do need some more colour there, and there is sunshine there. 
Stay tuned.....


  1. It would make a good hose hanger for your garden hose turned sideways and mounted to a wall. Unless it was in the shade it seems to me that the black metal would get really hot to plant anything in. But I give you a thumbs up for reusing it.

  2. Hi Sanddune,
    I already have a rather nifty hose hanger, but good idea! I have so much shade in the garden that I dont think black would be a problem. This area will really only get morning and midday sun, and I am gearing more towards pansies or petunias. Anyway, I wonder if we will ever see the sun again - it is still raining.


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