Monday, March 22, 2010

Peeling loofas

This is what my loofa looked like after drying out for a bit.

Then over the weekend I decided to peel them.  I discovered that in actual fact the ones that I had left to dry for the longest time were more difficult to peel and they had spots of mould.  The ones that were in fact still green and quite moist peeled quite easily and have a lovely smooth texture. 
When they say you will get plenty of seeds they are not exagerating!  I must have got 600 seeds from this pile of loofas.  If anyone in Australia wants to grow them just let me know and I can send you some. (Sorry - cant send any internationally)

I gave the best one to my lovely neighbour - you will see why in the next post!


  1. Oh wow, that amazing! I had no idea thats what they look like before the final product, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. There are among the oddities of gardening one
    rarely sees in any blog...or in nature, down here.
    Congratulations, for sharing it...


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