Thursday, March 4, 2010

In the vegetable garden

The lychee tree sprouted these lovely lime green leaves a couple of weeks ago.  Very pretty, I thought, until this week when something attacked them!  Yesterday afternnon we spent all day blowing and mulching up dried shrivelled brown leaves, and I did put them into the compost.  Hope I am not spreading diseases.  I remember this happening last year and we found lots of little catterpillars. Not so many catterpillars this year,so the other option is it could be a  fungus..  Reading up about it online I discovered that the only way to treat either problem is to spray the whole tree. If all it means is that I wont get lychees that is ok and preferable to spraying.   This tree is really too big to harvest the lychees and without covering it with netting there would be none left for us after the birds and bats have their share.  We will just keep looking at it as a lovely shade tree.

The thick snake beans just keep producing.
And my garlic chives are flowering - what lovely cheerful flowers, and they should be great for keeping away bugs.


  1. Just dropby from Blotanical.
    Very beautiful vegetable garden

  2. I love lychees! Actually I love how they look even more than how they taste... they're so exotic looking! I've been too scared to try it with my colder climate but supposedly they can make it if protected. I started one from seed but it succumbed to fungus gnats. :(

  3. The lychee is a beautiful, weepy tree, even without the colorful fruit. I agree, I would not spray either unless the plant was in danger. I planted one here when I first moved in, inspired by several old beauties growing in the vicinity. But, for some reason, mine succombed to an unexpected one-night temperature drop in 2009. I waited many months for its return, but it never again showed signs of life. :`(

  4. Thanks for the comments, I have been a bit tied up with stuff at home, so havnt posted for a while. Also still hanvt got internet at home, thats what happens when you live in a remote area I suppose! Actually ranforest garden if you think lychees look great you need to see a rambutan! They are stunning and taste like lychees too. Not sure how easy they are to grow. Floridagirl, gardening is like that, you win some, you lose some....


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