Monday, February 22, 2010

Storms and more rain

Someone asked me the other day why I keep talking about the rain - isnt there a drought in Australia?  Not here, not in the wet season!  This was our backyard Friday afternoon......

We have had some huge electrical storms lately, and one of them knocked out our modem at home, so have been off the internet for a while.  Our local electronics man ran out of modems!   So we have been waiting for one to come up via courier. 
We have at times been shut off at home unable to get out because of flooding over the roads, and on Friday I was the last one to get through.

Is it any wonder this grass struggles to grow?
I found a moth on this sodden plumbago, trying to search out some nectar, I imagine it would be well diluted.

But when the sun comes out, it is so beautiful, and makes me smile

Look at this spiderweb.....

I am anxiously awaiting the end of the wet season, we do have changing seasons here, but they are different. This little purple anthirium is a tiny plant and flower nestled under the large showy dark pink ones, I almost missed the flower:


  1. Gillian ,
    Looks like a real frog choker you are having there.Only problem is in four months that will be my yard underwater. Guess I ought to enjoy the dry season here while it lasts.

  2. I think our 'wet' season is almost over ... thank goodness. Like you, I know only too well how hard the 'wet' is on a garden ... because I grow so many drought, heat and sun tolerant plants here, the torrential rain when we get a 'wet' just knocks them around!

    In my corner of north-eastern Oz, drought is not uncommon. We had years of drought back in the 80's and parts of the 90's ... but for the last 2 years we've had a normal 'wet' season again.

    Loved your anthurium photos by the way!

  3. Sanddune, loved that term frog choker. The frogs can get pretty noisy here when it is starting to rain. They sit in the pipes and gutters and it echoes all around! Yes, isnt it crazy - soon I will have to water the garden!
    I did lose a bottlebrush this year, and my greyvillea is struggling along. I notice that the plants grow higher and need more and more support during the wet. Gosh, yes, these anthiriums love this weather!


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