Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drip, drip, drip

Over the last couple of weeks we  had a cyclone hovering around the coast and traveling up and down.  At long last it has headed further south and petered out.....  Hopefully we can begin to dry out a bit.  Over the weekend  when I walked in the grass I sunk down to my ankles in squelchy mud!  Everything was dripping with moisture.  As soon as the sun came out it got incredible humid - I guess that moisture began to evaporate into the air! We have received 900mm in January! Thats a lot of rain!  The thing I miss the most  though is the sunshine.  I think the sun infuses happiness right into my soul and when I am surrounded by heavy cloud cover I feel an oppresive weight on my shoulders.  That weight has lifted and the sun is shining hooray :)
Actually I just read that vitamin D increases the seratonin in your body!  so my whole theory about sunshine making me happy is based on fact!  How is that :)

I spent some time  during the month cutting back some tree branches and trimming back plants to open the area under the tree up, hoping  to get some air in to keep the amount of bugs down.  It seems to have helped a bit.  I might also have to think about what I have planted in that deep shade as some heleconias havnt flowered.  I think the cordelines too might have better colour in an area with more light, and they seem to have really suffered with something chewing holes in their leaves.

The leaves of the costus are slightly furry and I love the way the water droplets seem to hang in suspension.

I think the whites in these variegated leaves make me feel cooler - or is it just wishful thinking?
I cant say I am a huge fan of the hot wet humid season, but maybe the fact that my garden is looking so luscious and colourful does help.
We had a lovely walk on the beach yesterday and there were millions of little blue backed crabs running around.   It was low low tide and the reflection of the mountains in the tidal pools was magnificent.  We will be back again today with the camera and hopefully get some good shots.
Life is good.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of the humidity after heavy rain in our wet season either ... it justs sucks the energy right out of you!

    Your little patch is looking great ... but I do agree with you about the heliconias and cordylines - they probably need some more light. Would it be grasshoppers eating your cordies ... they're eating mine and they're huge green ones!!

    I see you've got the Snowflake hibiscus too ... such fabulous variegated foliage!

  2. Gillian,
    In Florida we refer to the rain as " liquid Sunshine ". That's how Florida got the offical name the Sunshine State. Just combine the moisture with the Heat and you get a FREE backyard Sauna from nature.You pay big money for that in one of them health clubs. Only drawback is you have to provide your own towels.

  3. Bernie, I have seen (and squashed) plenty of grasshoppers and catterpillars. The grasshoppers are small green ones, but they do plenty of damage. Aaah snowflakes - that is why it makes me feel cool! Maybe you can plant some of those Sanddune? Off to get some more towels....

  4. I enjoy the garden after the rains...everything is so pretty, colorful, and energized! Your photos are lovely!
    I often echo Sanddune's sentiment...most people pay big dollars at the spa for the type of humidity we Floridians regularly enjoy! I love it, personally!

  5. Hello Kimberley,
    thanks for the comments, and I do so love to share my little garden with the world! I suppose we are also saving money in the fact that we dont have to spnd so much on skin moisturizers - nature does it for us :) all round winners!


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