Sunday, January 10, 2010


One of the things I did over the holidays was to clean out some clutter. We both like to live as clutter free as possible, and the one thing that bothers me is boxes of "stuff" packed away, wasting space where nobody ever even knows it is there.
Years ago I spent a lot of time living and sailing on a small yacht, and there was very little extra room for "stuff".  I remember a few times when I would retrieve a special article of clothing only to find that it had been ruined by mildew.  I developed an attitude that I would rather enjoy things right there and then, than put that enjoyment off for another time that might never happen.
Consequently when we unpacked a box that contained some treasured things my hubby's grandfather and my father had made we decided to put them out somewhere where we could enjoy them every day.   They might not last quite as long out in the elements, but I love these daily reminders of those we love.
These wooden owls that my father carved keep watch over the swing.
This is a forged dog head that my hubby's grandfather made.
and he also made this serenity prayer, that seems to fit very well hanging on the lychee tree.
I also found a spot for the canvas mural my daughter painted for me years ago - it always brings a smile to my face when I look at it. 
It is on the back wall under the eaves, behind the washing lines, but most of the time there is no washing there and I can look up from my vegetable garden and see it.


  1. Oh, my. What a talent your daughter is. The mural is just wonderful. Can I come back from time to time and visit it just to remind myself that this winter will eventually end and warmer temperatures will someday arrive?

  2. Of course Mountain Thyme, you are always welcome! and thanks for the kind words. That is the wonder of the seasons is that there is always something different around the corner...stay warm.


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