Friday, January 8, 2010

Bug season

The hot wet humid season should be termed the bug season.  The amaranth that I planted was totally decimated by some creatures, and I was not sure what had done the damage until I found this little green grasshopper.  I have seen them on occasion before.

As you can see there is not much of the amaranth left, and I have cut back most of the top growth in the hopes that new leaves will appear.  They will probably just eat those as well ... oh well I will consider this a green manure crop - maybe it is enriching the soil as well as making those grasshoppers fat!  This fat grasshopper is no more though - may he rest in peace!

The next thing I found was this catterpillar crawling up an asparagus frond. Well my! 
He went the same way - I have seen a bunch of these chomping on my sweet potato leaves.  I hope these are not catterpillars that would have turned into beautiful butterflies.  how does one know?  I toyed with the idea of keeping him in a shoebox the way we used to with silkworms and mulberry leaves, just to find out you know?

Talking of sweet potatoes, I took a few shoots and started another sweet potato bed in the corner where I had dumped a bunch of yard waste, and it has now turned into a lovely rich soft earth. Ahhh I love this cycle of returning goodness back to the earth. 
There was something there that had not composted, but started to grow again.  Now I had read that if you (accidently) removed the top of a ponytail palm, (I twisted it off as I was "walking" the heavy pot)  that was the end of it - it would never re-grow.  That was how this ended up in the compost pile.  This sure looks like it is growing to me, and in more than one place - interesting.....

Will it look like this again  I wonder?  Oh well I better find another pot for it.....


  1. Ah, I think I'll take my cold snowy winter rather than an extended bugseason! Thanks for helping me see the good in winter (which is trying many of us in North America this year, more than usual)

  2. I think in all seasons you can look for the good or the bad and focus on that. I do know that despite the bugs and heat and humidy this is the time that the tropical flowers are at their best! So I will choose to enjoy that part! Stay warm - I am always so amazed at what comes up after that snow melts in the spring! I look forward to your spring postings ;)


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