Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beehive gingers

The little pathway to the center of the garden.....
I love the way the beehive gingers are all congregated at the edge of the path.  They will be in flower like this for months.

The shampoo ginger (which is also part of the beehive family) has a few flowers forming in its little pockets.

The lady that gave my this ginger said she would just run her hands over the inforescence and her hands would be quite soapy.  Well I did that and defiinetly got some liquid out of the pockets - it did smell divine - sort of gingery - but no suds.  Was I expecting too much?


  1. I have been growing the shampoo gingers for years. If you checked them after a heavy rain, or if they get sprayed by irrigation, the fluid may be diluted. It doesn't really get foamy, the scent is really what you're after. I've heard that they use this in Hawaii to shampoo or rinse their hair. Hence the name!
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  2. I look at the picture and feel so much at home.... very familiar. ~bangchik

  3. They really do look like beehives. Charming. -Jean

  4. I grow the shampoo ginger, but haven't been able to find the beehive ginger yet. They do make wonderful cut flowers!

  5. GrowerJim, I will check your theory out if it ever stops raining....... thanks for the comments everyone!


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