Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Path to nowhere

Well here it is -
the path into the centre of the garden.
It makes it easier to get in and weed and pick flowers. Obviously I like to the do the picking flowers way more than the weeding! My grandson likes to wander in there and hide away behind the plants, and that is just what I wanted to achieve - a sense of adventure --- mmm... what does that path leads to. :) There are some interesting flowers forming just at the end of the path - called beehive ginger. And of course my lovely anthiriums.
photos coming soon.

The path is made with crusher dust and a few flat stones from the local beach - still collecting stones everytime we go - I love the different colours they show, especially when wet.

In other news - the sweet potato vine is going gangbusters - I must really cut some of the shoots and stir fry them - they are supposed to taste delicious. Unlike white potato shoots which are poisonous!
My arch is as I predicted it would be - dripping with passionfruit! I think it looks as though all two hundred of the fruit will ripen at once - anyone have any ideas what to do with so much passionfruit?


  1. Well, it's one of those keyhole gardens beloved of the Permies, for access and goes somewhere.Love those passionfruits!

  2. Thanks, yes I suppose it is keyhole access, I now see how very useful they are...... Having one of those yummy passionfruit for lunch. I cant wait for a ripe pawpaw - they are so good together pawpaw and passionfruit.

  3. Scoop out the pulp and freeze it for a time when you aren't dripping with fruit! You can throw it in a blender with orange juice to make a smoothie, or thaw it and make jam some day when the weather is cool.


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