Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday tommorrow!

Tommorrow we go away for a long awaited holiday! I spent most of last weekend putting things right in the garden - making sure everything gets a good long drink before I go. The neighbour has been asked to water if we don't get any rain. Surely we will start to get rain soon....
The tomatoes are really almost at the end, but I cant bear to finally pull them up until we get home. Then I will put them onto the makeshift compost pile where I will grow tomatoes next year. . Maybe try some green tomato chutney, with the few remaining tomatoes that never quite ripen. Slowly we will transition to plants that like the hot humid summer, but right now it is just hot and dry! Transition time is always a little untidy in the garden.
Yesterday evening I went out and discovered that the sunbirds were happily flitting about the passionfruit - oh gosh, I am so glad they like passionfruit flowers. That means we will have lots of these cheery little birds. Of course as soon as I got the camera out they disappeared! With continuous flowering I am sure to be able to get some photos soon - you have to be fast though, as they flit from one flower to another! Like a flower love fest!
My rosebush has also been going crazy and this morning there were four buds open. My hibiscus bud has been slowly opening - I hope I get to see which one is flowering before we go. I cut slips from two of my neighbours plants - don't know which one I prefer, but they seem to have both taken well. One is a brilliant orange and red flower and the other is a pale pink delicate looking one. I do love it when I plant a slip and it grows!

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