Sunday, August 9, 2009

more frogs

After a long time without seeing frogs, they seem to be coming back into the garden - this is a good sign.... Except that the one I found today was hiding in a bag of potting soil - luckily I am learning to look before I put my hand into dark spaces, as if I hadnt looked first I might have immediately thought it was a snake. they do seem to change their colours to suit thier surrounding although it did look quite green still against the potting soil inside the bag.

I gently tipped the bag nudging him to jump out himself, but in the end had to pick him up and re-locate him underneath my little "frog bath". I was wearing gloves.... and as he lay there I gently hosed the potting soil sticking to him, still, he was an ugly colour.

after about 5 minutes his colour was greatly improved and he seemed to be smiling about his improved circumstances.......

I do love to have the frogs around - they supposedly eat mosquitoes and other non-beneficial bugs, plus they always let you know when rain is on the way. It has been very dry lately so I am looking forward to a few days of good soaking rain.

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