Monday, August 3, 2009

August already!

I did my monthly wandering around the garden with my camera. Some of these tropical flowers last a long time and so I wonder should I keep taking photos of the same flowers? The one I did take some more photos was the desert rose.

It is a very unusal plant and I think is the same plant refered to in Africa as the sabi star. This month is has rows and rows of lovely flowers which last forever! It does seem to be part of the cactus family, so the fact that I keep forgetting to water it makes it quite happy. I put dwarf date palms in the other two pots as I think they will put up with the same treatment. The front area really does not get as much attention as the back - that is where we spend the most amount of time. I started two bouganvilla slips out front - hope they take - I have had trouble with starting bouganvilla from slips before - not quite sure what I am doing wrong. we had a nice bit of rain overnight so that watered everything - in fact it is still drizzling.
Here are the photos; In bloom august 09

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